Pure Water Window Cleaning

Our newest service is making a big splash across Dubai and for all the right reasons. We are pleased to be able to offer a comprehensive and efficient window cleaning solution that uses revolutionary pure water fed pole cleaning, sometimes known as ‘reach and wash’.

Even better, our service offers a chemical free clean which also leaves windows completely blemish free. Regular tap water contains minerals that leave residue on glass after washing. However, our window cleaning solution uses ultra pure water that has been through 11 individual stages of filtration. This means that the water is entirely free of impurities and your windows can be left to dry naturally without fear of streaking.

Why is this technique so much better than standard window cleaning?

  • Safer cleaning- This technique virtually eliminates any need for ladders*
  • Faster cleaning- Pole reach technology cleans in around half the time of traditional methods and we can pass on this saving to you.
  • Higher cleaning- We can now safely reach windows up to 65 feet high!
  • Better cleaning – Pure water acts like a dirt magnet with no mineral residue means a gleaming and totally stain free finish.

From residential properties to large commercial premises, our dedicated window cleaning technicians can provide you with an efficient and completely blemish-free service. Ensure your property is stunning both outside and in, all you need to do is count the number of windows that you have and give us a call to obtain an instant quotation.

*ladders may be required in particularly tricky to reach areas such as behind balconies.

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I feel compelled to write to congratulate you guys on a job well done. From the word go, your company has shown professionalism of the highest order and I would like to offer my thanks to your guys for their outstanding attitude and quality of work. I will certainly be using you guys again as well as passing on my highest recommendations for anyone else looking for repairs.
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