We are a dynamic company and always seek to grow alongside our customers’ expectations. As such we are regularly looking for new staff to keep up with the demand for our services. We insist that our staff meet the highest of standards and to do so we have specific criteria that need to be fulfilled before we will consider an application.
You must have excellent English language skills with the ability to communicate effectively both on the telephone and in face to face situations.

You must be a graduate with relevant professional qualifications within your chosen field.

You should have previous experience of working within the Gulf region, Western Europe or North America, and an awareness and respect for the cultural sensitivities that come from working in different countries.

We believe that customer satisfaction is paramount and we require all of our staff to share this ethos. As such you should have excellent customer service skills to support us in delivering our promises.

You should have an outgoing and confident demeanour that allows you to advise and interact with our customers effectively.

If you believe that you can meet these criteria then we would be happy to hear from you.
Please email your CV to: